going subscription

Most of you will have heard about this already, but is transitioning to a subscription model.  I was always puzzled by how they managed to make any money at all; it seems they were too.

While I’m not as bitter about it as some people, it’s certainly a disappointment.  I hadn’t been using at all lately, so that’s partly why I don’t much care; the other major factor is that I never contributed content.

That’s the must upsetting part about this, really.  For many people, the content that is now going to charge to access represents a tremendous contribution of time and effort to the learning community.  Therefore, I would encourage everyone interested to download goals into Anki using the shared plugin.  Get everything you think you might ever need, and make shared decks out of whatever you find useful.  This content was made by the community for the community and it is a real shame to see it taken over in this fashion (regardless of what the user agreement stated – I’d imagine it stated that user contributed content belonged to, although I haven’t checked – it’s the spirit of the thing that matters).

The importing plugin is available from the shared plugins menu in your Anki install.  You can’t miss it, it’s the third most popular plugin.  Instructions on use are here. was supposed to have disabled their API a while back, but I just tested this yesterday and downloading goals still works.

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  1. Yeah, I imagine it’s all about the TOS on the original site at this point. (I also imagine there’s at least some content in there shared by people who didn’t have a right to it in the first place; could make for some interesting followup legal interest, or a flurry of content-vetting there.)