Japanese Names Anki Deck

This is a deck I created for myself, having been frustrated at how bad I was (and remain) at reading Japanese personal names. There are three sections, each with approximately 1000 entries; one for family names, one for female given names, one for male given names.

Here are the sources I used:

The list of family names extends to 5000 (there’s another page on the same site that lists 5001-10000 if you’re very bored one day), but I only took the top 1000 most common. Family names each have at least one group of possible readings, and not infrequently more than one group. Of these, I only took the first and most common reading. So most family names in this deck have only one reading. When there are more than one, a tag appears on the front of the card to tell you this. Given names are treated similarly. Of the given names, I took the list in the first column that ranks popularity by name and reading combined.

Get the deck here.