tadoku midway update


Today I passed 300 pages, so at this rate I should be able to triple my score from last time. However the second half of the month I intend to do quite a bit of rereading, so that will slow my pagecount (it’s half credit). I’m very curious how much I’ll remember from my first passes through.

Sketchbook manga continues to entertain. I think the anime is better though. Well, there’s only so much character development and storyline you can do in a four-panel. Only one volume left (have I really read five volumes of it in two weeks??).

Still far too dependent on furigana. After the contest this month I intend to make kanji readings top priority. Still not entirely sure how I’ll go about it, but will probably use RTK2 to some extent.

I finally ran out of graded readers.  You know, the problem with buying a set of readers like that, very likely half the material won’t be terribly interesting. The only reason I read a couple of the stories was that they were in Japanese. Won’t be rereading those. Since I clearly didn’t learn that lesson (or more likely figured they were still worth it), I ordered considerably more of the same as well as Halpern’s Kanji dictionary.

2 responses to “tadoku midway update

  1. actually Lan, dunno if you’ve poked into these yet, but the stories in those readers (ESPECIALLY the Read Real series) are utterly excellent. Really top-notch stuff. IMO, of course…;)

    • I’ve started on them a bit, pretty impressed so far. Lots of new vocab for me too (kinda goes without saying at this point)

      Last week and a bit I seem to have spent all my time finding sentences for RTK2 … this is not efficient. I need to shuffle things around a little so I can read more.