make your learning with texts text window easier to read

If you’ve tried Learning With Texts for Japanese, and I recommend you do try it if you haven’t, you’ve no doubt found that the text window uses the same sans-serif font as everything else and is kind of painful to read. Here’s a replacement stylesheet that will fix that. You’ll need the MS Mincho font installed on your machine, which Windows computers have by default, don’t know about Macs.


Save this file into the css subfolder in your LWT installation directory, overwriting the existing version, and enjoy readable text.

Thanks to Kanjius and Kiriyama for their help with this.

2 responses to “make your learning with texts text window easier to read

    • I’ve added this font to the stylesheet now. Also changed the background colour to tan so it isn’t so stark. Reading on the computer is hard enough without turning the contrast setting to “stun”.