template spreadsheet for tracking your readthekanji progress

Due to overwhelming popular demand (two people), I’ve made a template version of my spreadsheet to track progress on readthekanji.com.  The link is here.

Row two is your start row.  Change the values to whatever your current stats are, and change the date in cell A2 to today.  Then, tomorrow and every day thereafter, enter the quantity of reps you did, and your current number of untested words and kanji for each category.

The completion date, after the first two weeks, takes your running average as of the last two weeks to calculate the end date.  This is to allow for variations in pace over longer periods of time; i.e., if you are busy for a while and can only do fifty reps a day, that slow period doesn’t forever after push your completion date back past what it actually will be.

5 responses to “template spreadsheet for tracking your readthekanji progress

  1. Thanks again for sharing the awesomeness Lan, attempting to push my completion date lower and lower should serve as great motivation.

  2. Thanks,
    What is the column B ? number of repetition ? how dou you get it from readthekanji ? is it use somewhere ?

    • Thanks for asking; I should probably have mentioned that in the post. It’s the “view session stats” link right above the question area when you’re in quiz mode, tells you how many repetitions you’ve done since the last time you cleared it. I usually clear it when I start for the day.

  3. I found an error in the date calculations today; fixed now. If you’ve been using the template you can either copy your data to a new one or correct the formulas in yours. The problem started in cell H16 and downwards where the date being added to should have been the first cell in its row (that day’s date in other words), so for row 16 A16, but instead was A$2.

  4. Just downloaded it today and put my initial stats in, time to get back into study mode. Thanks for the cool template.