the simplest srs deck you will ever make

Do this:

Make a new SRS deck, with two fields; the first field is a sequential number, and the second is blank, it’s just there to give anki something to do when you hit “answer”.

The number corresponds to a section of a book, a chapter or whatever length you’re comfortable with for an incremental reading card, or you can use locations in a Kindle file.

And … that’s it.

2 responses to “the simplest srs deck you will ever make

  1. Are you still doing this? How has it worked out? I’m thinking of doing this with reading, using Anki to remind when to reread stuff and wondering how it has worked for you.

    • I haven’t been using this for a while, since the incremental reading I’m doing now is all podcasts with transcriptions, and I have those copied into my Anki deck. It does work very well though. You do have to be careful not to make the “cards” too long. That way lies burnout. Depends on time to read of course, not number of characters. I think this system would be better suited for an advanced reader who could make quite a lot of headway in a five-minute selection.