tadoku list january

For someone who advocates extensive reading as much as I do, the last couple contest results have been pretty embarrassing. So I was happy to see that this time goals have been implemented. Should be a good opportunity to embarrass myself further! So I set a goal of 1000 pages – modest by many people’s standards, ridiculous by mine. But ridiculous awesomeness was never achieved without ridiculous goals! They laughed at little Alexander the Not-Yet-Great too. At least I’m assuming they did.

Forthwith, what’s on the shelf this go round:

  • Lucky Star (never actually read this yet. shocking.)
  • what I didn’t finish of Durarara!!
  • Death Note (started this, kind of not sure I actually like it. low priority)
  • Yotsuba& 11 (nice warmup snack)(does anyone else constantly type “tu” when attempting romaji?)
  • Eve no Jikan manga (loved the anime, looking forward to this)(there’s a light novel too which I also have, but it looks like a bit too high-level zone)
  • The Hobbit (this is the main project)
  • Kino no Tabi vol. 1 (won’t likely get this far but it’s there if I need it)


One response to “tadoku list january

  1. Hey Lan, I have a text file version of that Kino no Tabi if/when you get to it, for easy mining, lookups, etc. Let me know if you want/need it and I’ll throw it on dropbox or something.