haiku friday

I couldn’t possibly miss posting a haiku today.  The reason is today is haiku day!  It’s so called because the digits 8/19 can be read はいく.  For more about this sort of number/word play, see Shoujiki Shindoi’s post here.

The feeling of the seasons is very important to haiku, so I always try to pick one that reflects the mood of the weather on the day.  Today there is just a hint of early autumn in the air.  Just as we in the West think of the “harvest moon”, the moon is peculiarly associated with autumn in Japan.  Maybe you would like to read more about 月見?



Everywhere about the copper lotus basin, moonlight is dripping.

山口先生 says of this poem:

“One moonlit night, I climbed a mountain to an old temple.  Beside the temple staircase was a copper basin in the shape of a lotus, with water dripping from its brim.  The moon lit up the water, making the basin drip moonlight.”



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