tadoku notes

Today marks the beginning of another tadoku contest. This one will be a little different for me. Firstly, I’m adding German into the mix. It’s been a very long time since I studied German at all, but in the little I’ve looked at it in the past few days, it seems to be coming back to me easily. So I think extensive reading will be all that is required to get my German to a serviceable level for my purposes.

The German is very much a side project and Japanese remains my main language focus. For this though, I’m focused on my incremental reading project at the moment, and in fact have enough expectations for this that tadoku will be taking a bit of a back seat for a while. Well, essentially it is tadoku, just overclocked. But counting pages in my reading decks isn’t really practical so I don’t plan to report my pagecount from this source. All of which is to say, my score won’t be reflecting the actual quantity of reading I do, at all. A bit unfortunate but incremental reading is working so well for me I don’t want to put it on hold. I’ve lately added a four-panel manga deck into this mix, so I’m going to let this run for a little while longer before I blog about it, but I definitely do want to share more about this method soon.

As for what’s on the shelf, for Japanese I shall mainly be working my way through the Gosick light novels, which somewhat to my surprise I found I could read quite readily. I have all six volumes so that’s my Japanese reading sorted for the month. In German, I have a variety of classics, including (naturally) the German version of Alice in Wonderland. Also, I have an interesting book written by my great-great-grandfather, recording the story of how my ancestors left Russia and came to Canada. This is actually a parallel text, since my uncle made a translation of it. Additionally, I want to find some good German blogs, maybe some photography, or motorcycling, or early music.

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