readmod mid-way update

August is half over and therefore so is the ReadMOD.  Herewith a brief report:

In short, I’m at 92 pages, almost all of which have come from my graded readers.  I’ve nearly finished the level 3 set, with one book remaining.  That will provide another 10 or 12 pages.  However, I don’t think I’ll continue to the level 4 set just yet, since the later books of level 3 are really, really stretching my grammar comprehension – in several cases stretching it right past the breaking point.  And I really don’t like not understanding more than 10% at the very most.

So in that case I will have to broaden my sources.  I do have a big stack of manga, so that will get considerable attention.  Unfortunately only two series have furigana though and my kanji reading is still very weak.  よつばと is currently meandering through the postal service towards me – 急げ!  Also, I’m planning to spend a good amount of time on jpopasia reading lyrics.  I like this idea a lot because songs are repetitive, and you’re hearing the text sung as you go along, so it should be pretty effective for learning kanji readings.  Also, lyrics are usually grammatically pretty simple.

The question then is – is this more effective than ordered study?  And the answer is – 1. I don’t really know 2. it depends 3. probably 4. let’s continue another two weeks and answer it then 😉

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