The end of the beginning.

Next, I need to add the special bonus track jouyou kanji that were just approved.  That, however, will be a bit lower priority.  (I’ll also be using a simple SRS with the “lazy kanji” method for those.  RTK, I feel, has outlived its usefulness after 2000 characters.  More on that later though.)  First order of business is to go through the core2000 on smart.fm as quickly as possible, and to go through Tae Kim’s grammar deck.  Concurrently, I’ll be tackling the graded readers.  I’m going to rip the audio CDs and have them playing as part of my mix at work.  Which will also consist of normal Japanese podcasts, and also japanesepod101.com podcasts – I think.  Those might be superfluous in fairly short order.

Even for a kanjiphile like myself it’ll be a relief to dial back on the kanji for a while – but more especially a relief that I can actually study the language!

I have a bit of a write-up on my thoughts about the RTK planned, but need to collect and arrange said thoughts first.

4 responses to “2042/2042

  1. Congratulations on conquering the kanji!

    It must feel pretty good! And you’re already setting yourself up for the next big thing! Nice. I’m wishing you the best on the next leg of your Japanese studies!


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