getting a little impatient

My plan once done the RTK is mainly extensive reading.  (Some SRS of mainly grammar (sentence examples) and Core2000 on, but mainly, reading whatever I get distracted by.)  This is what I owe most of my English skill to, and it’s something I love doing anyway, so it makes sense that that’s how I should mainly be “wasting time in Japanese” as Khatz puts it.

Problem is I can’t really start until I’m finished RTK and the next month or so to do it just seems way too long!

Currently I’m at 1219 out of 2042 kanji.  The next chapter contains 28 characters so I’ll do that today; that’s 1247.  Tomorrow I have a day off work and intend to challenge myself a bit.  Lessons 34-37 include 179 characters – that’s the goal.  Then I should be past the 3/4 point by the end of the weekend.

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